How To Date While Dealing With Herpes

How To Date While Dealing With Herpes

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Dating while dealing with herpes might be difficult or easy depending on the partner you have. If you have opened up to your partner and they happen to stay, that means they accept the responsibilities that comes with dating an infected individual. People who choose to stay after finding out that their partners are infected should take it upon themselves to know everything about herpes. This includes deep research on how to handle an infected individual. If they choose to stay, that means they are supportive enough and they will help you in living your life normally.

Dating while dealing with herpes is not like the normal dating. In this case an individual will be forced to date with a lot of precaution as any slide might have the other partner infected with the disease. Endeavor to make them understand your condition and also the medication you might be on and the outbreaks you have and how frequent you get the outbreaks. You should do this to enable you protect them and also have them understand that as much as herpes is not the end of the world, for them not to contract the disease, they will have to adhere to some basic measures that will have keep them safe from contraction.

You should not stay with them because they feel pity for you and this will only be possible if you give them an option of staying or leaving. Let them be the ones to make the decision. Infection with genital herpes outright spells out a lot of caution during any sexual encounter. 493x335_condoms_quizYou should use condoms during sex; this will ensure the uninfected partner is protected from possible contraction. Latex condom is best as it is thicker than other condoms which are quite thin and may burst during sex. The other partner should know all this to make it easier for you to protect them.

If you happen to conceal your infection, they might nag you not really knowing why it is exactly you choose to use a condom. During outbreaks, it will prove important if you abstain from sex as the wounds might be bleeding and the condom in most cases will not cover all the wounds. Taking a risk of having sex during outbreaks might be costly in the long run as the potential other might contract the disease. Herpes is not the end of the world and dating while one is infected is very much possible if the other partner chooses to stay because they are in love and they take it upon themselves to find out everything that will prove beneficial for protecting them.

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